Technology has been embrased by all in a relativley small period of time, it took thousands of years to use the wheel, hundreds to evolve the automobile, and only 10 years to saturate the world with technology to the degree that our children are growing up as it being fundemental to their lives. Some of this is amazing, allowing connections across the world to multiples of cultures, however there are some darker sides to it that we feel are having an impact on our childrens lives. The combination of technology and Covid based lockdowns has seen a rapid rise in anxiety and depression in our children, and it is this that we hope to addresss in at least some way.

By using topical art, we are using technology in an organic and human way, so rather than nacisitic social media brags, encouraging children and people in general to participate in art that expresses emotions is a nobal cause.

It is with this mindset that we have approached our charitable cause for Mind. 10% of our profits will go to Mind the charity.